Open Workshop

Trouble with your bike? Looking for a spare part? Need a hand in fixing something?

We'll be happy to help: from flat-tires to adjusting brakes, truing wheels to broken chains, cranks... whatever. We've got tools and working stands and friendly volunteers to help you out. And all free of charge.

The open-workshop is on Wednesdays 3-8pm and Saturdays from 1-6pm (and is open to anyone!). Except the last Saturday of the month (see below).


Do you feel like doing a bit of voluntary work? We NEED your help to run our workshop, by fixing bikes, or maintaining and building new bikes for our lending scheme. We meet on the last Saturday of each month from 1-6pm (Please note that you are not supposed to fix your own bikes on this day). Even if you don’t know anything about fixing bikes, please come along. There is plenty to do that does not involve bicycle mechanics at all!

Donate Bicycles

Do you have an old bicycle you aren't using anymore? Seen one left somewhere on the streets? Bring it over to the workshop! Unfortunately we cannot pick up bicycles, unless they are very near the university. That's what's keeping us alive! We'll take almost any bike.


Please donate any tools you have and do not need to us. Email us and we'll be happy to pick them up. If you have any ideas where we could collect unused tools, tell us!

Spare Parts / Components

From frames, cranks, brakes, pedals, chains, seats, wheels (all sizes)... to patches, tubes, tires, pumps, bike locks, helmets, lubricants, ANYTHING USEFUL!!! Please bring us your old/unused parts.


Feel like doing some paint art at the workshop? or on a bike? Plus we're looking for ideas for designing flags and stickers to stick onto the bicycles and+ flyers, posters etc. Just eMail us!

Anything Else Useful

Whatever else you can think of that we might be able to use... We need loads of stuff to make the workshop more comfortable: cups, soap, boxes - eMail us or come to the workshop!

Open Wednesdays 3-8pm and Saturdays 1-6pm

21-22 High Street (click for map).

Feel free to contact us for more infos.

You can check the calendar to see when we are open, what kind of workshop session is running and who will be there. You can also find events listed here: From alleycats to the yearly beach party, to critical mass and anything relating to bicycles in and around Aberdeen.